The Official SAT Study Guide 2nd Edition- are the tests any different?

<p>Or is it the same tests as those in the first edition?</p>

<p>I think it's got 2 new ones.</p>

<p>3 "new" tests, actually.</p>

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<p>Are the rest of the tests the same then?</p>

<p>The first three practice tests in the second edition are "new"; the last seven correspond to practice tests 2 - 7 in the first edition.</p>

<p>^Yep. The first three are actual tests administered previously (that explain the exact scoring curves) but the latter seven correspond to tests 2-8 from the 2005 edition. It would be neat if the CB released an edition of every test used since the new SAT began in 2005.</p>

<p>Ok. Thanks.</p>