The Official UMCP OR Game

<p>I figured we could start it on this board to have some more fun and not worry so much :)</p>

<p>DC or NYC</p>

<p>you guys are boring.</p>

<p>hwo do you play the game?</p>

<p>lol you've never seen that? the popular boards like the ivy boards all have it. you just say something like DC or NYC and someone else will say NYC and then say another pair and you just do funny stuff and see what everyone likes</p>


<p>my turn, these kind of threads are:</p>


<p>boring...Europe or Asia?</p>


<p>comedy or horror</p>


<p>cold or flu</p>


<p>CNN or FOX news?</p>


<p>Chicken or Beef?</p>


<p>Yahoo or MSN?</p>


<p>patriots or eagles (too late now heh)</p>


<p>iPods or regular Mp3 players?</p>


<p>michaelangelo or leonardo</p>


<p>nokia or motorola?</p>


<p>rap or rock</p>


<p>Princeton Review or Kaplan</p>

<p>princeton review</p>

<p>house parties or beach parties</p>

<p>House parties</p>

<p>DSL or Cable?</p>

<p>cable obviously</p>

<p>getting flowers or getting chocolate</p>