The Ohio State University Transfers for Fall 2021

Hello Everyone! I am applying to transfer to The Ohio State University this fall 2021. I previously applied in 2019(so I would be Class of 2024), and was denied. I have since started school at a community college to fulfill general education requirements. If you have applied in years prior, and heard back, how long did it take to hear from OSU after your app was “completed”?

Please feel free to list your transfer stats and let us know if you got/get accepted or denied!

My Stats:
Less than 30 credit hours
Intended/Applied Major: Animal Science
Current College GPA: 3.869
ACT score: 25
High School GPA: 3.68 uw
I submitted a Letter of Recommendation
Lots of EC’s however not a ton of super current stuff due to COVID(my state was hit hard and is still not completely open)

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Update: I was accepted! My app was considered complete on a Thursday, and I had my decision by the following late Monday night/Tuesday! So it was very, very fast! I am currently waiting for other info but I paid my acceptance fee!

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