The party ivy?

<p>Why does Dartmouth always get the rep as the party school of the ivies? Does a lot more partying actually go on at Dartmouth, in comparison to other ivies, or is it exaggerated?</p>

<p>well from what I've heard, Dartmouth has a pretty big greek scene so I'm guessing that that's where its reputation comes from. it's also in a rural area where there's not a lot to do so I guess people just party more. I'm actually planning on visiting Dartmouth pretty soon but these are just assumptions since I don't actually know first hand</p>

<p>Its just a really tightknit, vibrant, campus social life. People drink at every college, they just tend to do so in a more campus oriented way at Dartmouth. I think its a very good thing particularly because its a very open and inclusive social scene (everyone goes and is invited everywhere).</p>