The Personal Statement(General Questions)

<p>There's a Prompt 1 and a Prompt 2 am I correct? The prompt 1 is about the intended major and the second is about my personal quality etc. So my question is, for prompt 1, if I am applying to more than one UC campus with different/multiple majors, what do I do? Create an essay for each campus? Is the application going to be separate for each campus? And as an extra question, what do I write for prompt 1 if I don't have any work experience that has given me any interest into the field(Management Science)?</p>

<p>Had the same exact question. I have no (none, nada) experience relevant to my intended major. In fact, I have no experience in anything.</p>

<p>No, all UCs will get to read the two essays you turn in. You'll be submitting your app to a universal UC site which forwards the same info & essays to all the campuses you're applying for.</p>

<p>For your second question, you don't have to write about work experience literally. You can write about your involvement with school organizations, volunteering opportunities, etc.</p>

<p>i have no experience relevant to my intended major too but i put in a whole bunch of crap going on in my life and i tried to relate it to my major. also try to explain why you chose your major</p>

<p>Uh oh. So what would be a good solution to the first prompt? I started writing my prompt on my top choice to ucsd's management science. I'm applying to a lot of economic majors on other campuses. And if there's one universal essay that goes to all UC's.... hmmm...</p>

<p>And for my no experience problem, I started to write about how I came to the conclusion of deciding that major, what I am going to do while in the program, and what I am planning to do after school with the degree. Any tips and advice?</p>

<p>lol, i just looked over my first prompt essay, and for experiences in economics, i basically said that i discussed economics with others in school-related work. somehow i made that one point with many words! i also said how the economy affected me and my family during the recession. just write that you did research on certain topics of your intended major that interest you.</p>

<p>guess what guys...... if you lie.... no one will know ;P</p>

<p>lol jk</p>

<p>but no really its not about how you've immersed yourself in your major and all things related. If you look at it it also asks how you came to the conclusion that that is what you wanted to major in... if you dont have ne experience then just put more emphasis on that part of the essay. </p>

<p>and remember its not a 5 page paper if ne thing the most you might wanna write for this one is 500 words if you feel like you dont have much to say and just focus on your other one and make sure its REALLY GOOD</p>

<p>GOOD LUCK!</p>

<p>What is the maximum amount of words allowed for each essay?</p>

<p>The sum of the word count from the two essays need to add up to 1000. You can do 500-500, or 400-600 or something like that.</p>

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