The Pickup Reading

<p>To current Cornellians: </p>

<p>Seriously what happens if we don't attend the <em>mandatory</em> reading discussions? Or if we do attend what happens if we don't turn in the writing assignment?</p>

<p>Nothing I bet.</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>sounds like a great way to start the year</p>

<p>Two class of'10 members at a cornell get-together told me not to waste my time on it. idk</p>

<p>nothing.. what are they gonna do, give you detention? fail you in every class?</p>

<p>i didn't waste my time and i turned out okay.</p>

<p>a bunch of people in my hall skipped the meetings, didnt do the essay or reading, etc. they didn't do anything (for class of 09). </p>

<p>and its a great way to start the semester.. you have more time to meet people and do what you want before classes and prelim season begins (which is 3.5 weeks into school usually).</p>

<p>Great news</p>

did you just recommend us not to attend? i finished the book, im going to write a short response to one of the questions and am seriously thinking of not going to the book discussion things</p>

<p>I mean, I read, and I attended my sessions. I am not recommending anything. I don't know if it is necessary, so it is up to you and what you feel like doing or feel comfortable with. I just know a few people on my floor that didn't go to the sessions or write their essays and nothing happened.</p>

<p>if your RA is cool...the least you can do is make him/her look good in front of Cornell Faculty...</p>

<p>you never know who will administer your class discussion, mine was run by a Cornell researcher...just another chance to network...</p>

<p>my OL told me i didnt have to go</p>

<p>but i was a transfer</p>