The Pickup?

<p>I still haven't received mine! Has anybody else not gotten their's yet?</p>

<p>I just got mine yesterday so I wouldn't worry about it</p>

<p>just a heads-up: the orientation booklet is huge</p>

<p>and the mailman (tried) to crumble it all in our 4 in. wide mailbox.</p>

<p>O our mailman did just that :) I found it crammed in there haha</p>

<p>i got two packets somehow haha. the first day i got it the book was pretty crumpled, but the next day i got a nice intact book</p>

<p>Me too. I got 2. Except both of them were crumpled, even though the mailman put the second package on our porch. (Hmm... how did that happen?)</p>

<p>don't bother reading it - since you're all reasonably smart I assume you learned how to BS, and BS you should. (for the essay and discussion)</p>