The Positives in Colleges

<p>im going to be a senior and need help in colleges..</p>

<p>Since im the oldest kid and going to be the first to go to an undergrad school in the history of family EVER, having much knowledge about colleges would help me greatly.</p>

<p>Please give your experiences in college academically, socially, financially, extra cirricular wise, etc.</p>


<p>Very vague question. I recommend looking up this stuff on Google.</p>

<p>One of the books I keep on the end table in my office is called "First in the Family", a book for first-generation college students. Being a first generation college graduate myself, I do know it's a little different for you than others, but it will be a wonderful experience. They have a website by the people that published the book: First</a> In the Family
Might be helpful, or at least interesting. I'd provide my own reflections, but I don't know how useful that would be to you.