THE POSSE FOUNDATION-Beyond SATs, Finding Success in Numbers

<p>This article may help HS with great FA need who fit this criteria:
"clearly leaders — dynamic, intelligent, creative, resilient — but who might not have the SAT scores to get into good schools"</p>

<p>"The posse was key. “It’s so easy to get lost. I couldn’t imagine going to college without a group of people I already knew. I don’t think I would have made it.” They were all studying different things, she said. They didn’t do homework together, but they held each other accountable for doing it. “If you needed somebody to get you out of bed and get you to the library, Antoinette” — a Posse member — “would get you to the library.” The Posse members, she said, held each other up to the standard they had set: “how are you doing in class, how you behaved socially and whether you were supporting people you agreed to support.”</p>

<p>Beyond</a> SATs, Finding Success in Numbers -</p>

<p>Very cool. I wish this weren't so:</p>

<p>"with 14,000 nominations nationwide for 600 slots, the program is more competitive than Harvard"</p>

<p>It is very competitive and the people are very fake. I'm definitely holding a grudge since I made it to the top 23 and wasn't one of the 10 winners (and not to be cocky, I deserved to be). If you look at their previous winners or their brochures you may notice that the posse of ten consists of nine minorities and 1 Caucasian. And the worst part is, when I went to pick up my art portfolio after the final round I asked if I had gotten the scholarship. Assuming I hadn't (because they called my bf that night with her acceptance), I thanked them a few times and left. But, I guess they didn't realize how the thin the walls were because after I closed the door, I heard them mocking the way I thanked them and making fun of me. I am not quick to judge, but POSSE really got to me. They are a fake, unfair organization. I don't want people to think I'm mad just because I didn't get the scholarship, it's much more than that.</p>

<p>Dreadhead sorry to hear that, sounds like such a wonderful organization.</p>

<p>Thanks 2bornot2bivy, thankfully I have some other opportunities, but I thought I should put my experience out there.</p>

<p>It's great that the posse of kids help each other at school. What's not so great is that they're being billed as being from the city, when they're all from the wealthy, well-performing suburban school systems. At least around here they are. I'm sure the kids deserve the scholarships, but DC public school kids would deserve them just as much, and they would actually be from DC!</p>

<p>As I look at their web site, it actually does appear that the kids are from cities. What makes you say otherwise greenwitch?</p>

<p>It's announced in our local paper each year when students are chosen. They come from Montgomery County, MD schools as well as Fairfax County, VA and Arlington County, VA. I'm not sure how many (if any) are from DC public schools. I wonder about the other cities on their list.</p>

<p>I'm sure they're all great, deserving kids and I'm glad that Posse looks for alternative criteria and community service, but the dishonesty bugs me. </p>

<p>Gazette.Net:</a> Montgomery County students receive scholarships from Posee Foundation</p>

<p>That's the PoSEE Foundation, not the PoSSE Foundation, lol :)</p>

<p>Posse does seem to choose mostly URMs - from an unscientific observation of photos - be interesting to see the breakdown of urban/suburban/rural schools. I wonder if financial status of the family is part of the formula?</p>

<p>I know two Posse scholars this year that goes to a DCPS school. One of them is black, and dumb as hell with no leadership and smokes weed and parties all day. Good for her and this joke of a scholarship, in my opinion. She actually wanted to apply to Columbia...with a <1850 SAT score. I don't care how smart you are, standardized tests do have some bearing on college success.</p>