The Pre med experience at University of Rochester

Hey! Any alumni or current pre meds from U of R want to share their hardships and experiences as a pre med? If you had to do it again, would you chose Rochester?

My lad would easily have chosen Rochester again and he often shares his experiences (good and bad) with fellow students. Right now he’s in his third year of med school. If you want his contact into, send me a private message and I’ll share his email.

U of R is great for research. I think that will put you in a nice spot in front of ADCOM.

Current medical student. Would absolutely choose Rochester again! Took advantage of the open curriculum to study a topic of interest outside of medicine/sciences. Research opportunities are easy to come by. Can easily apply to medical school with 1+ publications if you have an interest. The career office is very supportive with specific meetings for pre-med students, reviewing your AMCAS application and mock interviews.