The problem of four subject tests

<p>I kinda made a thread about this before, but now I have a different thinking process. I am having a little dilemma about when I should take my subject tests. I am a junior. I have already taken Bio, after the AP, and got 750+. I may apply to Northwestern HPME, so I must take Math II and Chemistry. And for the sake of argument, I want to be a humanities major as well, so I want to take the French subject test, since Im pretty good in that.
I'm taking chemistry, pre-calc, and first year college level French at school. I'll be taking the sat in March (but it wont be the first time I'll be taking the SAT).
So....when should I take my subject tests? should i take them all on one day in June? I can't take them in May since I'll be studying for APs. Taking the French in October is a possibility, since I could study well over the summer, however I am hesitant. I want to get my apps done early. I've heard that for some competitive BS/MD programs, late or "last minute" apps hurt your chances. Also, if I were to apply ED, will my october scores go to the schools before November 1,even if i sent my physical app like, say, October 1?

<p>should i take them all on one day in June?
NO, not if you can avoid that. </p>

<p>Take the French in Dec- next month, or in Jan. Since you are taking college level French you should do well on that test now.
You CAN take a subject test in May- its only 1 hr and the material will be fresh in your head from studying for the AP tests- it's like "killing 2 birds with one stone" So if you are taking AP Chem this year then take the Chemistry subject test in May. It will work for you.
And take the Math 2 test in June. and one other subject test that is also related to the Humanities- History/English?
What other classes are you taking this year?</p>

<p>Thanks I think i will take the exam in January! @menloparkmom did your S or D take the exam? what review books did they use?
i'm taking English, APUSH, and not AP Chem :/ So I'll probably wait until June for chem since we won't be done with all the material in school until then.</p>

<p>Take the US History subject test in May, as APush will prepare you nicely for that test, and it will show your "breadth".
take the math 2 in June.
he did not use any books.
Since you havent had AP Chem yet , Id advise you buy the Collegeboard book for the Chemistry subject test [ if there is one] study that over the summer and take that test in Oct. </p>

<p>I take it you already have taken the SAT and are happy with your scores?</p>

<p>thank you so much for your advice!
My parents really want me to take in March, again, but definitely for the last time. My scores are satisfying. Besides, subject tests arent given in March.</p>

<p>well the more school you have under your belt, the better the chance that your math score [especially] will go up. good luck</p>