The problem with Barrons

<p>Grammatical conservatism. Singular 'they' is an error? Seriously? Sentence-modifying adverbs?</p>

<p>Those are things that were errors 100 years ago, but now most professional sources are neutral to supportive about them.</p>

<p>ETS would not dare touch them, else they will be hit by a barrage of lawsuits.</p>

<p>At one instance I've even seen Barrons replace 'they' with 'she' and divulge that correct. Ridiculous..</p>

<p>"they" and its inflections are considered plural on the SAT. This is frequently tested.</p>

<p>Edit: Mistake that completely reversed my intended message. :)</p>

<p>Exactly.. therefore it is a mistake to consider that a mistake</p>

<p>^ My apologies; I meant to say "plural." Barron's has it right.</p>

<p>Singular</a> they - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>I am aware that "they" and its inflected forms are often used in a singular sense and that that practice is justified by some grammatical sources. However, this is not the case on the SAT.</p>

<p>Something about seeing the phrase "he or she" makes me really angry.</p>

<p>I agree. Its so awkward. There should be a word like xe for that. :D</p>