the proctor has mistakenly taken my calculator

I’m a student from south korea who has just taken the sat test in my country. During the test, the proctor took my calculator for not being on the list of acceptable calculators, which i helplessly conceded since i didnt have my phone to prove whether he’s right or wrong and also was not familiar with the list after all. However, after browsing through the internet i realize that the list only accounts for graphic calculators and not scientific calculator which is what i had in possesion. Now it seems obvious that the proctor wasnt aware of that distinction at all and simply had mistaken my scientific calculator as a graphic one. I have been particularly strong in math in practice but the fact the actual result would not accurately reflect my skills is frustrating.
Has anyone gone through the same issue like this? I’ve already sent a complaint through email but it seems unlikely they’re going to do much help. I am aware that the collegeboard rarely take any measure to resolve complaints and often treat them with indifference.
So, what would be a justifiable compensation in this case?

I’m so sorry to hear about that!
I think if you don’t hear back from the CollegeBoard soon, try contacting them by some other means (phone call).

Otherwise, I don’t think there’s much else you can do but retake it. I wish you luck on your future exams!!