The PSATs How To Improve For High SATs

<p>What shold I do to improve my Psat score study psat or sat book. I am now a sophmore. When should I shift from peraring for whichever test.</p>

<p>Study 'em both. Focus in more on PSAT though toward October; then heavy hitting SAT.</p>

<p>I'm a sophmore too, and i took the test and found the math part a bit difficult, are there any books that can help me raise my score on psat? I want to get commended next year.</p>

<p>I like the Princeton Review for everything except Critical Reading (which sadly makes up the bulk of the new Verbal section). Their Joe Bloggs strategies were very useful to me and allowed me to move up significantly without learning a significant amount of formulas. Read, read, and read to improve Critical reading.</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore as well. I took the ITED which is this test from Iowa State University or something last year. Anyways, the thing said that my max SAT score would be around 1380 - now the average SAT at UCB is 1390 I believe, and I want to be a competitive applicant. What can I do to raise this "max" score to around a 1450?
In asking this question, I'm basically requesting good books and any helpful tips that you may use and others don't know about.