The Quad

<p>So, we all know that the quad seems to be the place to be, but does anyone have a breakdown of the pros/cons of the individual quad houses (Fisher, Ware, Reipe), such as the social, intellectual, etc. life?</p>

<p>there’s an excellent breakdown of all of the other dorms here at:
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<p>honestly i dont think the life varies between the individual houses. as far as i know from experience, the social, intellectual, whatever lives are the same in Riepe, Ware, and Fisher.</p>

<p>People seem to say that all quad houses are created equal.</p>

<p>There are differences in size and % freshman in each house that you can find by going on Penn's housing website, and you may somewhat prefer one location over another, but everyone we have spoken to says that all three houses in the quad are social and friendly for freshmen. The res programs dont' really make or break the houses, since they don't make up the majority, and many opt into them just to get into the quad </p>

<p>As far as the breakdown of the other dorms, please don't give too much weight to what people say on some of these threads about the reps of the kids in the other, "less desirable" houses. We saw plenty of nice (non-nerdy) kids in KCEH, for example , and many of these kids had put quad as their first choice!</p>

<p>Quad is Quad is Quad</p>