The Ratio for Nuclear Engineering

<p>What's the male/female ratio for nuclear engineering at Tech? Does it increase your chances of admission if you're a girl and you apply for nuclear engineering?</p>

<p>My understanding is that Tech does not require less from girls. A few years back, they supposedly let girls score a little lower on the SAT Math, but that was because those scoring a little lower did as well in class as the boys - that is supposedly not true any more. They are at 36% for the coming Freshman class for girls.</p>

<p>NRE has 169 students with 29 women (17.1%) for all undergrads. The freshman class is 42 students, of which 10 are female (23.8%). The college of engineering has 10,807 students of which 2336 are female (21.6%). The total institute had 18,878 students, 5,381 are female (28.5%). These numbers are for students that enrolled in Spring 2010. There are 2,547 incoming freshman for Fall 2010. Of those 894 are female (35.1%). The college of engineering has 1,694 incoming freshman, 475 are female (28.0%). </p>

<p>With that said, GT Admissions has repeatedly said that they do not consider your major when you apply as a freshman. So you'd have the same probability getting in as an NRE major or a ChemE major.</p>

<p>According to this link: Office</a> of Institutional Research and Planning -- Error , you are looking at 3:1 for '13, 17:2 for '12, 5:1 for '11, 5:1 for '10. So I'd say you are probably looking at around 17%/83% for Nuclear.</p>