The real ACT prep guide....math help


<p>I am studying for the ACT with the real prep guide, and in one of the math sections, it tells me that the formula which defines the slope of a line is</p>


<p>I always thought the formula for slopes was</p>


<p>Which one should I follow? I'm confused....</p>

<p>Sorry if it's hard to understand!!</p>


<p>I figured out you can do it both ways :p</p>

<p>You can do them both ways as long as you are sure 1 comes before 2 on both top and bottom or 2 comes before 1 on both top and bottom.</p>

<p>Mathaddict has it right. Either way it's fine.</p>

<p>factor out a -1 on either, same thing</p>