The Real ACT Prep Guide

<p>Hey guys, I have a ACT coming up on the 11th so i was studying for past few days from Barrons 15th edition ACT book...i think its a bit harder than some other practice tests...i read many replies here on this site and i found out that The Real ACT Prep Guide is the best and closest one that includes the real ACT test to practice...Should I get that and start studying? Will it help me? Any help would be helpful!</p>

<p>I just finished the McGraw-Hill ACT prep book. It was pretty good and fairly cheap on Amazon.</p>

<p>I too am taking the ACT on the 11th and I received The Real ACT Prep Guide from my prep class and it's really helpful. It has 5 practice tests and it tells you why the correct answers are correct and vice versa. It's also easy to understand.</p>

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