The reason behind the name

<p>Out of curiosity how did certain CC members chose their name?</p>

<p>i really want to be accepted.....and i was born in 89</p>

<p>Not exactly original, but I was drinking root beer when I signed in.</p>

<p>Plus, I like root beer.</p>

<p>I'm a huge Giants fan</p>

<p>I actually thought about this and rejected a number of ideas. At this point, I have no idea why I chose this name. Everytime I sign in I think about how stupid it is.</p>

<p>during my AP government class we did a mock "Meet the Press" debate. Each person in the class had to represent one political figure and represent their views on immigration. I chose Condolizza Rice. Idk why. so . . . akaCondi</p>

<p>also couldn't think of anything else and wanted to be easily recognizable by my friends who showedme this site</p>

<p> metal album</p>

<p>It's an ID that I've been having for several years on IM.
I took "boho" out of "Bohemians" because I used to be obsessed with Moulin Rouge (the movie). I still like the movie, but now I'm not exactly obsessed with it :) And I really liked Bohemians, their artsiness and what they believed in - they were my favorite group of characters, especially Toulouse.
And I added "girl" ... so my gender would be clear? lol</p>

<p>i think mine is pretty self explanitory.</p>

<p>Mine's the first three letters of my name, my birthday (4/19), and my favorite number (11).</p>

<p>the THE part is.... I am completely obsessed with the band THE HIVES, so some people call me the kristin (the kristin part is my name duh) and then 1129 is my birthday (nov 29)</p>

<p>yeah, pretty boring</p>

<p>itachi from naruto who just died this week</p>

<p>itachi died?!</p>

<p>i like dandelions :) :) :) :)</p>

<p>...I was told some years ago that I look like a big puffy marshmallow.</p>

<p>It was the first thing that popped into my head =D</p>

<p>it's a spin off of a nickname I had that started in middle school (and that's still going strong with my HS friends)</p>

<p>I dupe, na mean</p>

<p>means "stoned dragon" in french... don't really know why i chose it though...</p>

<p>its my aim thingy and email. actually chose the name because of that bubblegum song</p>