The Reasons why (I think) you probably got rejected

Now on this board, There are soooooooooooo many students on here with AMAZING stats. I mean a 4.0 average, with perfect score on their SATs,with Ecs like saving the world from nuclear meltdowns, and all sorts of amazing mind blowing things.

And then, us “regular kids” come on here and see they got rejected and we are like" I…Have…no…chance=/"

Well, I have done some thinking, and finally it occurred to me.

You may have a great Gpa
you may have a great SAT
you may have saved the world


Do you have the personality that the college is looking for?
I mean really think about it.

All these Ivys get these kids that apply there that are amazing, but only 9% are admitted? I mean most of those kids are academic geniuses, but then it all comes to that interview.

You guys, we have to spark something. Its not only in the essay. Because yes the essay is important, but when they meet you, they want to make sure that wasnt a bunch of bull crap. You have to be ready, not anti social.

They want to know, is this person a robot, or are they human. If you are going to be a robot, you need a mixture, you need to be Mark Zuckerberg. You need to survive in the college world.

So in my thinking, I think most of those “geniuses” just weren’t meant to get into those colleges. You obviously weren’t trying hard enough to be well rounded. Because well rounded is not only on paper, it has to be in person too.

I know I haven’t applied yet, but having the experience of applying to multiple boarding schools already, I know the process. Its tedious and its annoying, but the reason I got in was because of the impression.

I went into my interviews energetic, asking questions, and believing in my head that" Yea, I’m getting in"

You don’t need to be paper perfect, you need to be as YOU perfect

on the other hand you guys can say, Ignore her shes stupid. lol

I’ll be the one to say DONT ignore her, this chick is pretty smart, haha.

I honestly think that’s part of the reason why a lot of these REALLY talented kids get rejected. While not all of these great kids here on CC are socially-inept, a lot of kids come across this way in their essays, even many who are actually really well-rounded and sociable.

When it comes to essays, I believe that it’s all about standing out, and a lot of kids end up writing essays that while they standout in the real world, among thousands of other bright individuals, it really just blends into the crowd. One thing I really worked hard on when applying this year was making sure I talked about something different, something that the average 4.0, 2400, valedictorian wouldn’t dare write about. While I heard my friends writing about their great internships at NASA and NIH or their amazing experiences helping build houses in Guatemala or tutoring inner-city kids, I was busy writing about how I made a mashup of Lady Gaga songs, about the first time I wore my speedo and how it contributed to my confidence, and how my obsession with roller coasters led me to want to major in engineering. While my essays may sound like they pale in comparison to the “amazing life-changing experience” essays I mentioned before, when those essays become the norm (which I’m sure they do in the ivy league), quirky topics like mine stand out. I’ve gotten numerous compliments from my regional admissions officers from several schools about how they loved my essays, and I think it’s because I was brave enough to step outside of the box most other students choose to write in, and I think that was what got me into a lot of great schools such as Stanford and U-Penn. (Especially when my grades and scores were subpar compared to these geniuses, I was fighting an uphill battle to begin with.)

Preachy mock-sincerity laced with condescension.

Interviews are seldom important (this fact is made especially clear by the fact that they are often not even mandatory), but as everyone already knows, what you’re talking about is very significant in essays.

The Ivy League doesn’t just want personalities, it wants diversity. The so called Academic Robots and the colorful creative students. The athlete and the artist. The political buff and the science geek. They need a good balance. A lot of it depends on the most insignificant things. If they need stronger showings in their school ECs, if they want more of a certain major.<br>
^You’re right about condescension, but the interview is important if offered. I’m sure my interview helped me at some colleges and hurt me at other colleges.

But “they”–and by this I would assume you mean the AdComs–don’t usually “meet you.” If you have an interview at all, it’s with an alum–and quite frankly, this hardly matters unless you come off as a) serial killer material or b) completely antisocial or c) ridiculously witty and charming and good looking.

I’d say that the essays are really the key in this whole process, assuming you have the baseline scores and grades and stuff. Try to develop and showcase your voice. Make sure no one else in the world could have written those essays. Make them unique, not just in the subject matter but also in the telling. Be genuine and creative. If you have the chance to write more than one essay, showcase different parts of yourself–one essay can be serious and intellectual, another could display your sense of humor and another could be sort of quirky. Just try to come across as a likable, interesting people–these are PEOPLE reading your essays, not gods. They’re swayed by their impressions of you, and they get these through the essays.

Thats why you guys get rejected because you dont take the extra step and go get an interview. You only depend on your essay. My cousin personally met with all of the people, and there is a difference between crap on your essay than when they meet you in person. Its not just to “test” if your on the extreme side, it is actually complimenting your application.

Cause people can be great paper personalities.

But any way. I’m just saying interviews are key,no they’re not required, but are suggested.

“Preachy mock-sincerity laced with condescension.”

and notanengineer, what are you trying to say. Say something smart and meaningful before you put your foot in your mouth and sound like an idiot.

Interviews aren’t required for a reason. They can be very subjective based on the interviewer’s impression, and they can’t practically be offered to all applicants. Some schools will count them towards demonstrated interest, and they will take it into account if they show something very unique or very offputting in an applicant. But they aren’t that important. Adcoms don’t repeatedly say that they have lots of good applicants so people should distinguish themselves in their interviews. They say people should distinguish themselves in their essays. Or do you think that adcoms from colleges nationwide are keeping this holy grail of admission a secret?

What am I trying to say? You created this post on the pretext that you are sincerely telling people how to succeed in college admissions, but you are rather clearly implying that those “machines” with 4.0s and lots of ECs etc. can’t handle an interview, which is why they are getting rejected, which is asinine. You put quotation marks around the word geniuses to denote irony, implying that you are superior to people with better grades than you because you are “well rounded.”

There is no chain of logic in your post. You have no evidence to prove your suspicion that the interview is crucial even when adcoms insist that it isn’t. “Say something smart and meaningful before you put your foot in your mouth and sound like an idiot.”

I don’t think loveispeac3 is emphasizing the interview as much as it seems, notanengineer. I do get her point that . . . well, when everybody is great, then no one greatly stands out. That kind of mentality.

Well, I would like to say that not every one was meant to succeed in this school system. There are those who do not even think twice why they are trying so hard to get a good grade. There are those who do think twice and plays the system and gets good grades. Then there are those who think twice and fights the system and plays by their own rules. I am the third one…

@davidthefat: Glad to know I’m not the only one out there!

“Thats why you guys get rejected because you dont take the extra step and go get an interview. You only depend on your essay. My cousin personally met with all of the people, and there is a difference between crap on your essay than when they meet you in person. Its not just to “test” if your on the extreme side, it is actually complimenting your application.”
I interviewed at every college I applied for. I got into HYPSC, Georgetown, and Rutgers. When you get those stats or better, you preach. I know I’m sounding arrogant, just like you are.

^^What? Excuse me?

I’m not sounding arrogant at all. I’m just sharing knowledge of those privileged people in my family told me.

Why try and gang up on me, than just share your own knowledge.

I swear, everytime I say something on this effing board, some low life has to say something stupid right back at me to try and prove their “right” or that i sound like I’m lower than them. I don’t understand. ugh. Its such a sickening attitude.

I’m a bit mixed. There is a point that cookie-cutter doesn’t cut it anymore, but I think you also have to realize that there are wonderful, warm, and well-rounded kids out there with great grades and extracurriculars who – not because they are any less well-rounded than you, or any less of an interesting person – get rejected. There are a multitude of reasons, and I don’t think that anyone can really claim to know them because it’s such a holistic process. Stats get you in the door, and there’s absolutely no reason to think a person will get rejected BECAUSE they have good stats. It’s hard work to get those grades, SATs, and leadership positions, and that merits a certain degree of respect, too. I’m glad the OP got into great schools (not sure if he/she had a hook or not), but just know that there were many candidates as well-qualified as you, in both personality and academics, who got rejected.

Loveispeac3, no one’s trying to make you sound lower or anything! It’s just a touchy topic.

This is what I have a problem with. You’re implying that my essay was horrible and not reflective of my personality. I worked hard on them and had it proofread by everyone I know and it showed my dedication to what I want to do and was well-written, if I may say so myself. Would an interview have helped? Maybe. Did any of the schools I applied (including Stanford) offer it? No. I don’t think that interviews help sway a decision. If Stanford had offered an interview to me (who lives 10 minutes away) and to someone with identical stats (who lives across country and couldn’t make it), would it be fair if I got in and not the other person?

If you’re going to tell people that they didn’t do well because of their personality, not only are you being touchy, you’re being extremely subjective.
Different people like different personalities. Some like quiet, steady, silent people. Others like charismatic, emotional, outgoing people. Others like compassionate, smart, assertive people. To say one of these types are better than the others is purely subjective.
Also, every one tries to be well rounded. The fact is, some people are just more interesting than others, and this includes opportunities and circumstances. You can’t control completely how “interesting” you are.
As notanengineer pointed out, the interview barely affects anything.
You haven’t applied but you called out many applicants for not being interesting enough. You’re passing off opinion as fact.

LOL. at all of you.

Listen, I am NOT saying anyone is less than me. AT aLL! I’m saying, to bee well rounded. I am not comparing myself to NO ONE at all. I know its hard work to get great grades and stats and all that stuff… All Im saying is for people to try and BE More well rounded. And what in the world is with these “hooks”!! I have a serious issue with this “hook” thing. But anyway, I don’t think its a touchy subject. And if anyone if offended, maybe thats saying, you didnt think of your self as well rounded for you to actually be offended. Thats not me saying that about the reader. I’m not insinuating anything. I’m just stating knowledge


Your talking about two total different situations. A person living far and a person living close to a place that doesnt offer interviews. I’m talking about a situation where interviews are suggested. Its your opinion I’m not going to argue about what you think.I’m saying what I feel and your just criticizing. Its wonderful you spent a lot of time on your essay as you should, I’m just saying back it up, it you have the chance, in an interview as well. I’m not making this up. But okay, ignore me and move on.


I really feel you like coming to my posts to just annoy me.Really you do. I’m not even going to reply with you because you obviously think I’m wrong and don’t know anything. Which…I can care less about what you think. I said at the end, you can tell me I’m stupid or what ever, but I know I’m right.=)

I have a question for you guys though, have you been rejected or accepted or both? Maybe even waitlisted?

OP–what grade are you in?

You don’t have the audacity to say these things to seniors/graduated seniors who have been through the actual college admissions process (which actually matters.)

Not really related to this thread’s topic, but I do have problems with students joining extracurricular activities, taking classes, etc. for the primary purpose of looking impressive on their resumes. “I wonder if this is good enough for _______ College.” “Taking this class and doing well in it might help me look more impressive for ________ University.”

What happened to learning for the sake of learning?

Agreed ^^^

This is from your original post, which qualifies you as not yet ready to comment on why any one person got rejected from any one school.

As a parent, let me suggest to you that you return to reread this post AFTER April 1st of whatever year it is you will be applying.

Then, you can just kind of add in why YOU got rejected…which is all anyone is really qualified to speculate about except an adcom. The reason most highly qualified applicants get rejected is simply because there are too many fine young men and women out there to admit. Nothing more and nothing less. Trust me, you will be no different than any of the rest of them unless you have done something to alter the course of the planet.