The Rez and the new Sports Complex

<p>When we were there last summer, we drove over to "the rez". it seemed like a nice recreational resource for the students. If you don't have a car, does the bus system go there and also to the new sports complex where it looks like they have a lot of the intramural sports?</p>


<p>up to now, no, which is really disappointing to me because its a gem that most students can't get to, but if you get a group of friends together one is bound to have a car or a taxi is only 8 bucks.</p>

<p>Does the UPASS (StarMetro City-Wide Bus Service) bus get there?</p>

<p>Students with a valid FSUCard may ride without charge on all city bus routes. The information for exact routes and bus schedules can be obtained from our office, FSUCard Center, StarMetro Station on Appleyard or online at</a> - StarMetro - Home</p>