The Rips are sickster here?

<p>Hey fellow buds and budsas. i heard from pretty good sources (no joek) that the rips at Ucsd is pretty geshri and sickster. From all the beps who are attending ucsd rite now, are theyerally that sickster? I dont really care how big the weeps are but the face must be killer njnj. Glucks all and thanks for teh Gshri comments!!</p>

<p>your writing gives me a headache. </p>

<p>blacks beach is probably the best you'll get in the immediate campus area. you know which websites to check.</p>

<p>Isn't Black's Beach a nude beach though...</p>


<p>Well then, yeah, I've heard that one is pretty good for surfing. For my HS though, since it was only 15minutes from the beach driving, I'd always find the surfers be able to get to class in time for first period, so I think they used Torrey Pines too?</p>

<p>the north end of black's beach is clothing-optional at [many] times ... down near scripps pier, not so much. </p>

<p>wear good shoes if you hike down there.</p>

i understood every word of that
i reli need to get away frm washington</p>