The Science on the ACT

<p>Hi I am considering taking the ACT in April but I'm not sure because of the science section? Is it true that you need Earth sci and physics to do well? Due to schleduing in my school's biotech program, I have only taken Biology (9th) and Chemistry (10th). As junior I am taking AP Bio. So am screwed on the science part of ACT or is it really not a big deal?</p>


<p>haha...definitely not true - Science = Reading don't need any background knowledge..they give you everything you need to know to answer the questions - its all about understanding the charts and data they give you and using it to answer the questions. So no...just practice tests and you'll be fine.</p>

<p>That is good to know. Thanks.</p>

<p>It helps significantly to have background knowledge.</p>

<p>anyway, it's called "science reasoning", not "science trivia", for a reason.</p>

<p>It does help very much to have background knowledge, because you can more easily visualize/understand what the passages are talking about.</p>