The SD population

<p>Whats the proportion of nerdy asians to the homies at SD? Cause I hope there'll be stuff to do while im down there</p>

<p>Cause apparently nerdy asians don't do anything?</p>

<p>Define "Homies"</p>


<p>Did you see his wooden club (troll)?</p>

<p>You act as if asians are the only people in this world that are nerdy</p>

<p>I hope most incoming fellow freshmans won't act like that (el2...) :/</p>

<p>maybe the OP is a self-described nerdy asian and just wants friends ... be sympathetic, guys!</p>

<p>Maybe he's just a wannabe gangster that hasn't grown up yet</p>


<p>I took that into consideration, but it seemed less likely. Plus if I was wrong, my comment wouldn't have been received badly.</p>

<p>@ $KingsElite$ I thought your comment was pretty awesome. It's what <em>this</em> nerdy asian girl would've fired back too.</p>

<p>HAHA, this post is so immature it's hilarious. But also rather frightening- both for humanity in general and for the fact people like this were smart enough to get into UCSD. O_o</p>

<li>a semi-nerdy white girl</li>

<p>I can be whatever you want me to be el2369 ;]</p>

<p>um, lots of questionable people get into ucsd. </p>

<p>not to re-open a can of worms, but: koala, compton cookout, certain looped roped objects in the library ... it's just another college campus.</p>

a semi-nerdy white girl


<p>Meow!!! :)</p>

<p>^Na I'm kidding. Well I mean, I'm not kidding but................................ you know what I mean. Nerd is such a relative term. I know a lot of people who would consider me a nerd and a lot that wouldn't, but either way, I'll just stick with being myself.</p>

<p>I like how the opener hasn't reappeared. But yea, it would be nice if I can identify him when school starts so I, a nerdy person, can learn how to act cool. -_- <em>insert sarcastic tone</em></p>

<p>Just don't get Triton Eye, I was affected after orientation and its just beginning to wear off.</p>

<p>^Clearly that's something you would want to get.</p>