The Secret Thread

<p>Anyone know what time it is?</p>

<p>Look, a bird! <em>pushes you over the edge of a cliff</em></p>

<p>Ok... Its 9:04 now. Don't get it.</p>


<p>Your threads have no substance or meaning at all, so do not bother posting anymore.</p>


<p>time for my surprise? <em>snickers</em></p>


<p>you need to get a life.</p>

<p>i dont get this thread...</p>

<p>A wrench in the wind, an eagle in the glass, its 10:25. Can I join now?</p>

<p>you guys are no fun...ed_caffabaw's just trying to be more creative but everything has to be taken seriously</p>

<p>i agree with angryschnauzer... and for that 'jerod' guy, STOP!!! it's so annoying</p>

<p>I'm so offended, and I'm sorry that this thread is so meaningful to you that you lashed out at me because of it.</p>

<p>What's wrong with Jerod? Just cuz he likes Subway a lot...Jeez.</p>

<p>Whats this from
Bob: i feel good, i feel great, i feel wonderful, i feel good i feel great i feel wonderful
good morning gil, i said good morning gil, gotta go to work seeya. wish me luck gil. </p>

<p>Dr. Marvin: Fay are we sitting down, yep, my publisher thinks its going to happen, she thinks that good morning america is coming to lake winnipausacee to interview me. Well its a tremendous shot for my book. Well i do think they visited dr. ruths house, but other than that. </p>

<p>Whats this from:
You spilled the salt! spilling the salt is very bad luck! the last thing we need travelling across the country is bad luck! quick toss the salt shaker over you left shoulder. What the heck?
Okay who hit me with the salt shaker?
Oh sir, i would never offend a man of your size.<br>
Are you going to eat that
no, yes, no yes, no, i mean i crossed my mind yes.<br>
(it comes out) (deeper than a buttcrack song comes on)
Did you see, he hawked my burger!
Wait i just thought of something, yeah i just had an idea.</p>

<p>The second one is obvious, D and D, but I am stunned by the first one. Oh, by the way, Quiznos owns Subway in every way possible, Tenacious.</p>


<p>anybody see dumb and dumberer?</p>

<p>mmm.mmmm...mmm. toasty- quiznos
Hey (i forgot), hey (forgot), now he's down to a smaller size. I forgot the guy's name from the subway commercial.</p>

<p>clay henry</p>

<p>Boo-ya-kah-sha! Da Ali-G Show rocks the TV Box!</p>

<p>Henry Clay= greatest loser in American history!</p>

<p>Ash > Maddox > Reggie but still Reggie's left foot will kick your butt and take your name!</p>

<p>Subway > Quiznos</p>