The Simple Guide to Transfering

<p>There are tons of threads from people always asking for their transfer chances which usually leads to the same (or similar) replies over and over again. With that in mind, I'd thought I'd create a post highlighting the the most salient points when it comes to transferring. </p>

<p>Hopefully a mod can sticky this, or at a minimum it will prove helpful to lurkers or newcomers to the site.</p>

<p>-The average transfer GPA is 3.4, and the "soft" minimum is a 3.0.
-UW does look at the degree of difficulty for the classes you've taken, so don't stock up on basket weaving class to inflate your GPA.
-Your ACT/SAT scores simply don't matter, unless you did extraordinarily well and want to send your scores in to boost your overall profile.
-Your high school grades don't matter either.
-Getting two letters of recommendation will help your admission chances.
-Writing a good personal statement is also important.</p>