The size of the student body at IU...........

<p>Most kids who attend IU seem to enjoy it immensely. I was just wondering whether the sheer size of the student body ( clearly a large school by any standard ) has any effect on one's decision to attend IU ? Thanks. J</p>

<p>At first my son thought he would prefer a smaller college. However, after he visited several colleges of different sizes, he decided that he did prefer a large college, because there was so much more going on there. He personally was mainly looking at music-related events--which are constantly available at IU--but it would also apply to other areas. So for him, the size felt like an advantage in this way. </p>

<p>On the other hand, the long distances one must sometimes travel to get to class can be a disadvantage--although if the student lives on campus, the bus system is excellent and quite well-used. My son took full advantage of that this past year.</p>