The style of buildings at Dartmouth

<p>I really love the old-timey style of buildings at liberal arts colleges (like bowdoin, davidson, amherst) but Dartmouth's just kind of seems ugly to me, esp. the white buildings! I'm curious, is there a term for the kind of architecture of the buildings at Dartmouth?</p>

<p>I'm not sure of the official name, others could probably help me out here, but they are traditional New England wood frame farm buildings. I like them because of their simplicity.</p>

<p>I like other styles, too, but Dartmouth just seems typically New England to me.</p>

<p>American Colonial. Built ~1784. Check this out:</p>

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<p>you didnt like it? i thought it looked so nice and collegiate</p>

<p>i think dartmouth's buildings are beautiful. white colonial with copper roofing. and their library building is really stunning. dunno, different strokes for different folks, i guess.</p>

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<p>VeryHappy: Thanks for that lovely link. Great picture of Dartmouth and two of Williams too!</p>