The tornado in Great Neck

<p>I noticed the KP web cam is down as well as the web site. Did the tornado/storm yesterday do any damage at KP?</p>

<p>MY Mid told me that there was no power at KP due to the storm.</p>

<p>It seems the website is still down and mids cannot get their mail. </p>

<p>How are they to get in touch with the powers that be, since training for indoc personnel starts Monday?</p>

<p>Any info would be great....thanks.</p>

<p>According to data and photos online, the street where USMMA head soccer Coach Mike Smolens lived, was devastated in the tornado/ down burst that occurred last Thursday. Has anyone heard from him or his family? Please post if you have heard that they are ok. </p>

Concerned Soccer Mom</p>

<p>See link below for story (and photos at the bottom of the story) if you have not yet heard about the horrible devastation in Great Neck.</p>

<p>Tornado</a> wreaks havoc on Great Neck</p>

<p>Web cams are back on now.
However, web cams typically are not available during Indoc.</p>