The transcripts won't be evaluated until the end of September, so she says Fall is going to be a waste

Our daughter did concurrent enrollment in high school and the lower division requirements she has left for her chosen UCSC major have prerequisites she’s already taken. She also completed an IGETC and was hoping to graduate in only eight quarters. But there are thousands of transfer students whose transcripts need to be evaluated first. She applied as a first-time freshman, so the date her transcripts will be evaluated falls after she has to enroll in Fall Quarter classes. This is still pretty fresh information, so she’s disappointed. I’m trying to spin it as a positive. She could take classes for other majors she finds interesting, or take a refresher course equivalent to one of the classes she took years ago. She could pursue a minor. There are lots of possibilities.

Can she contact a major advisor?

Some of the courses mentioned in this thread do not have prerequisites.

@ucbalumnus Which courses does she still need that don’t have prerequisites? She can’t talk to a college advisor yet, but can talk to a peer navigator.

Doesn’t CSE 12 & 12L as well as STAT 5 or CSE 16 have prerequisites?

STAT 5: no prerequisites, UCSC General Catalog - STAT5

CSE 12: prerequisite is a programming course or test-out exam, UCSC General Catalog - CSE12 (test-out exam is at CSE 20 Testout Exam | Undergraduate Affairs )

CSE 16: prerequisite is calculus, UCSC General Catalog - CSE16 (does she have calculus by AP score?)

Also, the following have no prerequisites listed in the catalog: TIM 50 (formerly CSE 50), ECON 2, ECON 10A.

UCSC General Catalog - Technology and Information Management B.S. lists current major requirements.

@ucbalumnus She’s taking TIM 50, ECON 2, and ECON 10A now. Thanks for the info about STAT 5 and CSE 12. That’s a game changer!

@Tssuga has your D confirmed with UCSC that the IGETC will apply to her breadth requirements? According to their catalog

The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is a series of courses that prospective California community college transfer students may complete to satisfy the lower-division breadth/general education requirements at any University of California or California State University (CSU) campus
UCSC General Catalog - Credit for Transfer Students

Since she isn’t a xfer student then it seems possible she will not have her breadth requirements waived by IGETC. If not the individual courses she took will be evaluated to see if they match UCSC requirements and she’ll have to take the remaining classes if any breadth requirements are left.

She could take classes for other majors she finds interesting, or take a refresher course equivalent to one of the classes she took years ago.

She can’t repeat for credit any class she already took and in which she received a grade above C-. I imagine they’d let her enroll, but she will receive no credit for retaking it.

Or they may cancel credit for the previous instance of the course taken at a different college or from AP/IB credit.

Yes, she has email correspondence saying that her IGETC will cover her lower division general education requirements. However, because she was admitted as a frosh and not a transfer student, it won’t be reviewed until the end of September.

I had thought she could take CSE 20, Beginning Python, since she hasn’t taken a programming class since sophomore year in high school and then only took classes in Java and C++. But that was my ignorance. She’s explained that Python is an even easier language than the languages she’s worked in. So the right move is the one that ucbalumnus suggested, and take the test out exam. She’s registered for the exam and takes it tomorrow from 6pm to 9pm PST.