The TRUTH About Composite Scores...?

The colleges that say they take the highest combined score… usually having space for composite scores on many dates… how much do they look at your non-highest math and non-highest verbal scores?

In June I got 780M 630V
in October, my math definitely went down (probably less than 750), but my verbal almost definitely went up (i’m thinking as high as very low 700s)… meaning that my best composite score may be very high 1400s (maybe even 1500), while my best composite score on a single day will almost definitely be less than 1450…

Do colleges that say they take the highest of each care?

<p>You're driving your self crazy, they will look at your 2 highest scores- verbal & math</p>

<p>bump bump bump bump bump?</p>

<p>They probably will just combine them. Most schools will at least. Some don't. For instance, University of Washington only takes the highest composite. Anyway, don't worry about it. There is nothing you can do now to change your scores, so relax. Your scores are good enough for virtually any college, and even though SATs carry a huge weight in admissions, I don't think that you're chances are lowered by 40-50 pts. My SATs didn't go so well, so be happy to have such a great score already. Now, just check your scores when they come out, decide to send them or not, and focus on things that you actually have controll over(e.g. Grades, essays).</p>

<p>there is something i can do... i can choose to retake the SAT in december.</p>

<p>If you are applying RD. OK, then just take it over again in Dec. if you aren't happy. That's about it.</p>