The Truth About my Experience at BS

I just wanted to make one thing clear: the sole purpose of this post is to EDUCATE others using my experience at boarding school. I DO NOT want to shake them. I don’t see many posts like this and I think it’s important that people know information like this.

I am currently under a diagnosis of ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and an unspecified mood disorder that causes extreme moods in a short period of time. This made school really hard for me socially from middle school on. Grades were always good, always got along well up until middle school. High school became increasingly harder for me to fit in. Thus peaked my curiosity in boarding school.

Boarding school to me meant going to a place that was academically challenging, and had like minded peers that also enjoyed math and subjects like that. I still believe boarding school can and does offer those things.

I was wrong in some capacity. At my old school, people in my dorm were often lonely, and struggled from mental health issues similarly to me. Bad experiences at my old boarding school spiked anxiety, and it got worse and worse until it would cloud my vision and judgement. This was almost unheard of in my medical history until going to boarding school. I was then sent home on leave for the 3rd time this year, which was a red flag for me already. I should’ve left then. I know there are people in similar situations and I just want to make it clear that you are not alone.

What I’m doing now:
PHP. It has been really amazing and enlightening. I’m finally the under proper care I needed for years.

What the future holds:
A therapeutic college-prep school. I’m hoping it really helps me.

The moral of my story: If you have previous history of mental health concerns, make sure you do all your research before picking or choosing to go to boarding school.

This is just my experience. Others may have different. If you read all this, thank you.

I realize posting this may impact my future with colleges. I am here to say, whatever! This is me and I’m not going to go somewhere that doesn’t accept me for who I am. I’m working on myself and hopefully one day, I’ll be able to fit into society well.


Thanks for sharing @lilyesh. (I wish the hugs emoji did not have a smiley face.) Your story is important for this community to consider. I am glad you are getting the care you need and wish you all the best as you move forward. You have been a helpful contributor here and will do well no matter where you land. Putting your mental health first is key. Please keep us posted.


Big hugs. Good for you that you are taking care of yourself. Thank you for your honesty- it is a message people need to hear.


Holding you in my heart, @lilyesh . You are not alone. At all! Some high school students have seen foreshadowing of mental health issues in middle school or earlier. Others have not. But many – probably at least a quarter – will seek help during high school. And seeking help and prioritizing wellness is critical.

Thank you for sharing and reminding everyone here of the importance of addressing all their needs.

Hugs to you!


Thank you for your update, I have often wondered how you are doing. Unfortunately, your story is not unique. Not to say that you are not an incredibly wonderful and unique person, but teenagers struggling with mental health wellness at BS is not a unique situation, especially right now. I have recently heard of three other students (from various BSs) who are currently on medical leave for mental health, and we really don’t know that many BS kids! We are incredibly fortunate that kiddo1 didn’t have a medical leave last year, as she was definitely teetering on the edge of wellness. I like to think that schools are starting to get the memo that mental health needs to be prioritized, but I also know it’s going to take time. I wish you all the continued wellness and agree with Choatiemom in that you will do well no matter where you land.


Take care of yourself and my best wishes to you!

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I know I don’t really know you at all, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this. Your story is so important and I feel like these kinds of stories are so often discarded in the glamor and whatnot of a boarding school ideal. I see this especially in people like myself, who are young and sometimes forget about the seriousness and complexity that comes with a prep school; only thinking about the dreamy, good stuff. Thank you once again for sharing and helping educate me, and I also wanted to mention and thank you again because I always remembered you as the first person who ever replied to me here on this website. Your simple words of support were truly motivating and inspiring when I first came on here. Thank you, take care, and good luck to you in whatever path you take next.


Glad to see you’re taking care of your health first. Best wishes to you.

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I am glad that you had the bravery to make this very difficult decision.

I don’t know how it will affect your college options, but I would like to think that things sometimes work out for the best. Besides, it’s more important where you go to graduate school. And, on the up side, there are many people in your year with… irregularities on their transcripts.

Also, be thankful that the options are better than there decades ago - “Girl Interrupted” was written by someone who ended up at McLean Hospital after attending Commonwealth and the Cambridge School of Weston.


Thank you for sharing - so brave! Focus on yourself right now - get better, and get healthy. Once you’re healthy - mentally and physically - you’ll find a way for everything else.

Best wishes and good luck to you - post often to let us know how you’re doing!!!

sending u Love :cupid: