The truth about winter/weather at Notre Dame

My D is considering attending Notre Dame and we’ve been trying to get a sense of what the winter weather is really like and welcome insight and recommendations for dealing with it from those in the know.

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We are in Indiana and know the area well.

Over the past few years, there has been less snow accumulation and fewer hard snows but frigid temps can still be counted on – in the 20s-30s is normal, and there will definitely be stretches in the teens, plus windchill in dangerous negative temperature zones. In theory, it can snow anytime from late October to mid-April, but if it does snow in October or even early November, it usually melts as it will warm up. Dec-Feb is “crunch” time and Feb can feel very long. Snows in March usually don’t stick around long either, and the occasional April snow will melt quickly. Lack of sunshine is one of the challenges for students, since South Bend is more “grey” than other parts of the country during winter.

ND is famous for maintenance on the grounds – walks and roads on campus will be cleared before most people are awake. Most students manage just fine with a full length down jacket (you do see a lot of Canada Goose brand) and good boots.

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Is this a serious question? D means daughter, S means son. Further, when someone writes something like D22 it means a daughter that is graduating in 2022.