The U.S. History Discussion Thread (November - December)

<p>As the test slowly approaches, one becomes increasingly nervous. Have I prepared sufficiently? Well the test be hard? Will I get my 800? Is there anything I need to double check before leaving for the long-awaited event? </p>

<p>These are just some of the thoughts anybody about to take a test generally has. Some people are confident with their abilities, while others panic. The question is, are YOU ready good enough? Will you ace the test and then sit in there waiting for the time to finish, or will you mess up everything and then panic all the way through?</p>

<p>The November SAT test is hours away, and after about a month of it is the December test. This thread will serve as a discussion for the U.S History subject test. Basically, when you post here, talk about the following:</p>

<p>~Your thoughts about the test
~How did you prepare (what books you used, how much time, did you self-study the subject, etc.)
~What score you expecting / aiming for
~Tips for people who will take the test on December / later on (Study tips, test-taking strategies, parts of the subject that need special care, etc.)</p>

<p>So basically, give advice to others, and then hear their advice.</p>

<p>Now that most countries around of the world are through with the test, discuss how it was!</p>

<p>The embargo has yet to be lifted though, so don't go far with your discussions - keep them general.</p>

<p>The embargo has bee lifted now</p>

<p>What did u guys get for the question about which of following pairs was not matched correctly with people and leaders</p>

<p>One of the choices was like Black Elk, American Indian ___</p>

<p>Also, what was the answer to the Lowell system question?</p>

<p>Lowell was about country girls.
The second half of the test was terrible, all the names and people...</p>

<p>mabsjenbu123: the answer to the matching one was Samuel Gompers & AFL. Which I got wrong on the test. :(</p>

<p>There was that question about African Americans... I forgot the exact question but I remember I narrowed the answers down to Amendment XVI or Amendment XV. Which was the answer? I wish I read my pocket Constitution before I went in the test.</p>

<p>it was amendment 14 pretty sure. </p>

<p>15 is the right to vote.</p>

<p>Was the question about FDR deficeit spending or balancing the budget? And the last question about which black would have exposed lynchings? And which was not a part of 1840s Utopia? Was it political secession?</p>

<p>ida wells for the lynching one.</p>

<p>Deficeit spending for FDR. </p>

<p>Yes to "political secession"</p>

<p>i put deficit spending
ida b wells
and yea, secession</p>

<p>wut was the iroquois sioux difference question? the reason why jamestown was formed? was it to find a settlement for the king or to find gold/wealth?</p>

<p>was ida b wells the second to last question?
iroquois didn't use horses or w.e
jamestown-gold, money</p>

<p>Just a quick general question. I have the Crash Course book that I'm using to prepare for the December US History SAT II, but is there another book that you guys prefer that is thorough enough to get a 650-700?</p>

<p>It was gold</p>

<p>I put that the Iriquois were sedentary (or something like that).</p>

<p>What was the answer to the question about the end of the korean war?</p>

<p>@ elasticity yes
nvr really used the crash course book, so i cnt say much about that. i had a really good apush teacher, so a lot of stuff stuck to me. i just reviewed the princeton review book for the past 3 days.</p>

<p>anyone recall wut the answer to that trail question was?</p>

<p>it was cattle</p>

<p>Also what year was that exercpt from the last question? And the Declaration of independence was French Enlightenment ideals or certain aspects of contention? Also what was the Second Contentional Congress not do-- did the answer choice have Canada in it? Also what was did not contribute to the Civil War-- the Gasden purchase?</p>

<p>I put 1850 compromise because for the time it ended some sectional conflict.</p>

<p>As for the Gadsen purchase "In the United States, the debate over the treaty became involved in the sectional dispute over slavery" (wikipedia).</p>

<p>I didn't put the french englightenment for Declaration. something else.</p>

<p>korean war left boundaries the same.</p>

<p>and for the 2nd constitutional convention one...</p>

<p>I couldn't decide between the answer that was like "they were mostly tories" and something about invading canada because i could have sworn both were false.</p>

<p>i put tories because they did invade canada i think</p>

<p>yeah for boundries the same.</p>

<p>what about the great awakening one?</p>

<p>again, I thought two answers worked. One with the rejection of predestination and the other about threatening the authority of the church due to focus on emotionalism.</p>