The UC App blows



<p>2250, eh? I guess the math sections bailed you out...</p>

<p>my sat score would be beautiful if there was no verbal :D</p>

<p>Indeed UCSD is one great university -- </p>

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<p>"The University of California, San Diego, long regarded as one of the nation’s premier research universities, has been named the “hottest” institution in the country for students to study science by Newsweek and the 2006 Kaplan/Newsweek College Guide.</p>


<p>UCSD science programs have been ranked among the best in the nation by the National Research Council, including neurosciences and oceanography, ranked 1st, biomedical engineering, ranked 2nd, and physiology and pharmacology, ranked 3rd. Programs in biological and physical sciences were also ranked in the top ten."</p>