The UC App blows

<p>I was going to apply to UCSD as a recruited athlete, but the application was too damn confusing and the personal essays were the dumbest questions ever. Plus, the coach was an a-hole, so I blew him off. Oh well, 3000 miles is too far for me anyway</p>

<p>and your point is...</p>

<p>seriously, the ucs have many applicants who would want to go to ucsd,</p>

<p>Another dumb jock who can't figure out how to fill out a college application??? ;-)</p>

<p>hey that's kinda messed up, obmud01...nobody likes a stereotyper..i know you were joking and everything but this is a forum where we help...not post malicious little comments</p>

<p>is it ok to not send dec scores if they are significantly lower than the previous ones, even if u put dec as the planned date on the uc app?</p>

<p>makemecrywhydontyou, you don't get to choose which one to send. CB will send all of them.</p>

<p>each SAT report is cumulative right? as in it includes every test ever taken up to the date the report's requested?</p>

<p>no thats not what i mean, i already sent the nov ones. but do i have to resend them for decemeber if i get lower scores?</p>

<p>eh, I don't know. Good question.</p>

<p>An athlete using the name Creatine. XD </p>

<p>Sorry, it's just too funny.</p>

<p>Wait a sec -- UCSD is recruiting athletes now? :rolleyes:</p>

<p>flopsy stop bashing on the other uc's. just because u think ucla is better in everything, u dont have to go telling all the other uc's that they suck.</p>

<p>he never said they suck. and hes allowed to say they suck. stop trying to be a policeman arond here, dont you have something better to do</p>

<p>To set the record straight, Mud, I dont know a lot of dumb jocks with a 2250 SAT. The UCSD questions were so rediculous that I said to hell with it. I would have gotten in on stats alone. Secondly, every school recruits athletes, just in a different way.</p>

<p>Good for you. 1000's applied to UC and did just fine with their personal statements. Not to apply to UC was your prerogative...But to say the personal statement prompts displeased you so you "blow" away UC is just plain arrogance. UC does not accept students based on SAT I score alone (easier without the analogy portion). They evaluate your GPA, course work, SAT I and II scores, etc. The standard is a bit higher for out of state applicants. We won't know if you would get accepted or not...since you did not apply! In any case, good luck to you in your college application endeavor.</p>

<p>The new SAT is definately not easier. The writing curve has gone from generous to absurd.....</p>

<p>Missing 1 wrong on the Math section to only receive a 770 is not fun either....esp with extra stuff added into the test.</p>

<p>Anyhow to be on topic, I believe you have really missed out on a good school by not applying to UCSD. So where are you planning to go to if I may ask?</p>

<p>Compare apple to apple -- verbal to verbal, math to math, and writing to writing...analogy is in the verbal part. Removing analogy makes the verbal portion easier -- IMO.</p>

<p>I'd give anything to get into sd... er.. okay.</p>

<p>Actually I would not object to that. But it is not fair to say the SAt 1 is easier now because the verbal section has decreased in difficulty.</p>