The Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Kelley School of Business at IU - Read Latest Comment for Working Link

Hello, I am currently a senior in the Kelley School of Business and will graduate in May 2019. I have been active on this forum for many years, and I wanted to try to make one post containing everything I have learned about Kelley over the last 4 years. This guide is designed for incoming freshmen and will hopefully help people make good decisions at IU. I was originally going to post the text in this thread, but it is well over the character limit, so I am making a publicly available Google doc. Please copy and paste the link below into your browser to view the guide. NOTE - Delete the space in the “google” part of the URL. For some reason, CC blocks the full link when I try to post without a space.


I really hope this will help people. Overall, I have really enjoyed my time at Kelley and am very glad I decided to come to IU. If you are in-state, it’s very hard to beat for the cost. Feel free to ask any questions you still have in the thread below and let me know if anything is confusing. If there is anything that you feel should be added, let me know that as well!


Thanks!! I’ve already saved this and cannot wait to look over it in its entirety. My son is a DA and has IU as one of his final options. I’m not pushing him to IU, but I definitely wouldn’t be upset if he attended. It’s a great opportunity. We’re OOS, so we need to see what the numbers eventually look like as well. He’s already been awarded a Deans Scholarship, and we have completed the SSA and applied for the Fry Scholarship as well.

@iubaccounting: Did you decide to do the one year MBA ?

@Publisher I did not. Also, I responded to your PM.

@davidlt1 Let me know if you have any questions when you get a chance to look it over! I’m sure some stuff can be explained better. Anyone is welcome to ask questions or make suggestions.

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Wow that is a lot of great information! Thank you so much! Do you have any tips on how to set up the schedule? Morning or afternoon classes? How many days a week, etc?

I was not able to retrieve the google document.

But it is worth noting that one can get an IU-Kelley MBA in one year. Valuable for accounting majors who typically would just get a masters in accounting in order to get enough hours to sit for the CPA exam.


It mostly depends on personal preference. I like having classes back-to-back with no breaks during the day just to get them over with. As a freshman, you might need to take classes 5 days a week because a lot of gen ed and math classes meet on Friday. After your freshman year, you probably won’t have Friday classes.

You will probably take around 5 classes your first semester. Most classes are either MWF or TuTh. I would suggest having 2 classes MWF and 3 classes TuTh (or the other way around, it doesn’t matter). Obviously, you can adjust this a little if you’re not taking 5 classes. As for morning/afternoon, that is mostly based on personal preference and when the classes you want are actually available. I didn’t think it was hard to wake up for 8 AM classes as a freshman because I was used to high school, but now I don’t take many classes in the morning.


You just have to copy and paste the link into your browser and delete the extra space. The full link gets caught in CC’s spam filter.

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@iubaccounting, will do. Thanks again!

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ENG-W 131: English Composition (3 credits)
Accepted substitutes include: ENG-W 170, CMLT-C 110, or waiver based on standardized test score (see below qualifications):
-For applications to IU received prior to August 1, 2017: SAT EBRW score of 670 or higher;
-For applications received August 1, 2017, and after: SAT EBRW score of 710 or higher;
-ACT English score of 32 or higher; or
-AP Program English: Composition and Literature score of 4 or 5; or
-AP Program English: Language and Composition score of 4 or 5

@iubaccounting ^^^ so if I have a 35 on ACT English, I don’t have to take English Composition?

Good stuff IUBaccounting. Thanks for that info.

I’ll my $.02 as the parent of a DA freshman. Make the first semester as easy as possible. Unfortunately during orientation they don’t allow mommy and daddy to participate in registration. Sure, it’s a growing lesson for the kid. But parents have life experience and know their kids – they may be able to provide guidance toward success. Most kids will have an adjustment period, be homesick, etc. IMO you want the workload to be manageable. So discuss options with the kid beforehand.

First there is A100 – supposedly accounting. But not really – more financial understanding. It’s a convoluted and challenging course. I’ve been doing accounting for 30 years and I had a few what TF moments reviewing it with the kid. It’s a 1 credit class that takes the work of a 3 credit class because it is compressed into 8 weeks. Knowing what I know now, I would avoid taking it first semester. There is also a “secret” help course for A100 given by the student academic center – it may be worth looking into. And I wouldn’t take it along with Finite math. What happened to my kid is the A100 midterm (like 45% of grade) corresponded the same week with a Finite exam and another exam. All three where the “first” college exams the kid had. Having hardly adjusted to college he was toast. Lucky for him he was DA – a huge advantage which allows for some mistakes.

Finite math and calc are just that – math. And the reason we are business majors is there is supposed to be no math. :slight_smile: I think Finite is harder than calc. So take finite alone, without any other hard classes, if you can. And if you can AP out of calc you’re way ahead of the game.

Finally a statement about available 'tutoring." IU emphasizes it at their admissions days (as most big schools do). But it is what it is – just ok. If you’re really in trouble, get to a private service like CTS. They do test reviews and such. I wish we had found it sooner. But they enabled the kid to salvage a B in finite.

Good luck to you all.


@futurehendrxxx Correct

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@iubaccounting - I have enjoyed following your posts through the years. DS is a currently a junior, similar path to yours- Direct admit, ACE, Kelley honors etc. He is going abroad this semester, and has had a wonderful experience and education at Kelley. Good luck to you and thank you for all of the information you have shared.

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this is great feedback re first semester…son is a junior and of the 10 visits we’ve done Kelley is tops. We all Ohio State family too and he liked Kelley much more than Fisher…

Always provided reliable feedback. Thanks for taking the time to give back to others!

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Would like to add that one does not need a Masters in Accounting to sit for the CPA exam. All you need is 150 hours. This can be achieved by taking summer school courses at your local community college. A definite money saver! When my daughter was interviewing for accounting internships with the big 4 firms every single one asked if she was on board to get 150 hours by the time she graduates. Save your money and work a few years as an accountant, then go get your MBA at a top graduate program.


Hi, I just got the invitation for the ACE program. How competitive is it to get in? @iubaccounting

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@preethik276 See my responses to you in other threads

Thank you so much this has definitely helped me in my decision!

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@iubaccounting thanks for posting link, really good information.

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@Smyhre No problem! If you have further questions or if anything on there is unclear, feel free to ask in this thread.