The Ultimate Steal

<p>Okay, I am building a custom desktop for college. I just ordered all the parts and will put it together when they come. Heres my question. Microsoft offers the "Ultimate Steal" which provides discounts to students for software like Office and windows 7. When I looked at the cart, it said Windows 7 64bit upgrade. Since I will use it on a brand new pc with no current OS, do you think I could do the clean install with this? Or if not can I get a Version that will work with a student discount? Thanks.</p>

<p>P.S. I'm looking to get a TV tuner to record my shows on my pc in my dorm next year, any suggestions would also be appreciated.</p>

<p>If what you will get is an "upgrade" package, then I don't think it will install into a clean system with no O/S. Something has to be there to upgrade from.</p>

<p>You didn't hear this from me, but the "upgrade" discs include all the data to do a clean install. That's how I installed Vista (a few years ago). You just have to boot from the disc. However, your upgrade license will not work for a clean install -- thus you will have to find a workaround, if you know what I mean.</p>

<p>Since you're a college student, I suggest signing up for an IEEE membership, which costs $20/yr.</p>

<p>This will give you free access to MSDNAA, which will then allow you to download Windows 7 Professional. The key can be used as long as you maintain that membership.</p>

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