The Ultimate Supply List for Boarding School

<p>Hey all you guys heading to boarding school, this is a place to list all the things we will need :D Please, only list things not already mentioned!</p>

<p>All you guys and girls already at BS, or that went, could you chime in. What did you need that you never thought of your first year? I'm sure this would be helpful to all of us.</p>

<p>So come on everybody, what will you need! Include dorm stuff, school stuff, fun stuf, sports stuff and whatever else you can think of!!</p>

<p>Here, Ill start off:</p>


<p>-Lots of sticky notes!</p>

<p>Dorm stuff -- a cushy swivel chair, bookcase and refrigerator
Look in places like PBTeens for dorm stuff. Under the bed storage is good, a full-length mirror, shower tote, bath slippers, over the door hook for things like towels, etc. Anything to make your bed softer like a tempurpedic cover.
Check with your dorm master first because your dorm may come with a bookshelf or not allow a refrigerator.<br>
Swifters are popular as are small hand held vacs.</p>

<p>Microwave popcorn, Pop Tarts, flavored water- bought by the case at a Big Box store...</p>

<p>alot of clean underwear</p>

<p>polo shirts/khaki shorts, pants....other preppy clothes in your closet</p>

<p>headphones/stereo/mp3 player</p>

<p>running shoes...even if you dont think youre going to do any sports</p>

<p>photos of your friends/family</p>

<p>read The official preppy handbook by Lisa Birnbach (1980)</p>

<p>pens/pencils/stationary supplies</p>


<p>bike and a lock</p>


plastic storage drawers
trash can (my dorm doesn't provide them)
lots of hangers
a seat cushion and extra pillows
paper clips and thumb tacks
chargers for ipod, cellphone, camera battery, etc.
I know there were a lot more, but I can't remember them at the moment</p>

<p>a fan for the start of the school year
a printer</p>

<p>and several refill cartridges for that printer! They always seem to run dry when you are in a hurry to print a paper.</p>

<p>POSTERS AND PICTURES!!! I'd say maybe bring some dvds and games, although there won't be all that much time for that...</p>

<p>hahaha & I read this somewhere. </p>

<p>Bring candy when you first come and everyone will be all over you like a cheap suit.</p>


<p>best thread ever! this is what i was looking for!</p>

<p>you think it's best to go shopping AFTER you arrive and get in your dorm and whatnot? </p>

<p>does anyone know of a place LIKE Ikea near Exeter, NH?</p>

<p>YES!!! There is one in fact. I live about an hour from Exeter.</p>

<p>Can't remember the town, though. I'll get back to you on that one...</p>

<p>From pp. 9-10 of this past year's Hotchkiss Student Handbook
(<a href=""&gt;;/a> (1.16MB pdf file)):</p>

<p>PACKING LIST: What To Bring</p>

<p>** optional
** needed also by day students*</p>

<p>Appliance-Type Items
alarm clock
camera *
computer *
desk lamp (not halogen)
fan *
hair dryer *
humidifier *
reading lamp for bed *
stereo *
telephone *
Walkman *</p>

bath towels (2-4) **
your own special pillow *
sheets (4) (single-bed unfitted)
pillow cases (4)
wash clothes (2)
bedspread or quilt</p>

<p>Clothes and Shoes
athletic socks (10+)
bathrobe *
dress code clothes (see page 11)
dress pants or special skirt/dress *
dress shoes
sandals *
shower sandals *
turtlenecks (2+)
underwear (lots)
winter boots
winter coat
winter hat and glove
(Amount of clothing depends on how
often student does laundry.)</p>

athletic equipment as appropriate
bike, lock and helmet*
binders (2)
bulletin board*
computer disks and holder**
dry erase board*
graphing calculator (see page 14)
key chain**
laundry bags (2)
laundry detergent
laundry marking pen
loose-leaf paper
notebooks (3)
paper clips**
pencils and pens (10+)
plastic utensils*
quarters for laundry
sewing kit (needle, thread, buttons)
small duffel bag*
small rug*
wall d?cor*
water bottle**</p>

<p>Toiletries and Such
containers for makeup, jewelry and
hair items*
feminine hygiene products
hairbrush and comb
nail clippers*
razors, etc.
shampoo and conditioner
soap and container
toothpaste and toothbrush</p>

<p>What NOT To Bring
electric heater
halogen lamps
hot pot or hotplate
ironing board
toaster or toaster oven
trash can</p>

<p>This is a copy of the letter I sent to my D's roommate in summer 2005--it turned out to be pretty accurate. Happy planning!</p>

<p>D said you needed some direction in figuring out what to buy and bring for the cold weather. I made up a general list; hope it helps you get your bearings. A New Hampshire winter is much colder than D is used to, too. All the outerwear can pretty much be gotten from LLBean or Patagonia; LLBean is generally less expensive. In some cases I?ve explained what D has, not because she?s setting any kind of standard (believe me, she?s not) but because I thought it would clarify what I was talking about. You?ll need warmer things by the end of October but it?s unlikely (I think) that there would be snow before the end of November.</p>

<p>Two pairs of wool or fleece gloves (what you will use the most; easy to manipulate your
backpack without taking them off)
A pair of waterproof gloves
A scarf
A pair of heavy duty snow boots<br>
A pair of something to wear in the mud and rain and on plowed paths, like slip-on
LLBean boots (thinsulate gumshoes or rubber mocs, that?s what D has. The
mocs are easier to just slip on but your feet get cold in them once winter sets in)
A wool or fleece hat</p>

<p>A pull-over or zip-up fleece
A raincoat (D has both a lined one and a shell)
A down vest?worn alone in the fall, under a coat in winter</p>

<p>A thinsulate or down coat?as warm as possible
A lighter but warm jacket, like a fleece-lined shell</p>

<p>4 cotton turtlenecks and
4 sweaters to be worn over turtlenecks.
3 prs corduroy pants<br>
A white turtleneck to wear under your soccer uniform in the cold?D said you play

<p>Possibly optional
A pair of waterproof insulated pull-on snow pants for skiing, or snowball play on the
lawns if intending to do such things
a long wool coat (D has a black one)
a pair of wool or fleece mittens</p>

<p>When you go through your wardrobe, think layers. You can layer tee shirts and tank tops that you already have under long sleeve button-down or polo shirts, and sweaters or sweatshirts.</p>

<p>If in doubt, don?t buy it now?wait until you get to Exeter and see what seems necessary and appropriate.</p>

<p>That sticky putty kind of stuff (can't think what it's called) to hang posters and such.</p>

<p>....and a dry-erase board for your door.</p>

<p>So Hotchkiss still uses quarters for laundry.</p>

<p>My D's school uses value cards that you can refill on a vending machine ($5 increments). Sure beats trying to scrounge quarters when you are down to you last pair of clean socks.</p>

<p>Quenn, thank you so much.</p>

<p>Do you really layer turtlenecks AND sweaters in the winter?</p>

<p>Haha blairt...I live in nh and wear turtlenecks under sweaters from October through March. As a matter of fact we are expecting a snowstorm this w/e.</p>

<p>Blair, I'd recommend talking with a parent of a current Exeter student to see what their daughter is wearing.</p>

<p>BTW, you'll quickly adjust to the temperature.</p>

<p>My D generally goes to class in hoodies unless it is below 25. They have an entirely causal dress code, though.</p>