The university famous as concept art and visual art

Hello I’m international student I hope to major animation concept art and I already studied 3D in my university but I realized that I dont like this actually my university is famous as 3Danimation and they taught about only technology and programs
It is not creative but I want to draw and creative
So I want to study in the US but it is to hard get information about their university
I search some university but there are not information what major is famous
Please recommend some art university or college that famous as concept art
(Im sorry for my poor English)

Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY) Digital Arts, BFA (3-D Animation) < Pratt

Can you afford university fees in the US? A year at Pratt costs $70,000 USD. That’s the first thing you should consider. Also, as you feel your English isn’t great, and all classes will be taught in English, it might be a good idea to take some English classes in your own country in preparation.

If you google Best Colleges for 3D animation, a list comes up. There are some well-known schools on the list.

ah thanks for reply! I think that university fees in the US is too expansive to me. So I should get schoolarship… I’m looking for university with tuition fee of around $4,000~$5,000! And I searched but most people focus on 3Danimation. Actually I want to study visual development, concept art. But there are only 3D animation university rank in the internet. Have a good day!!

thanks for reply!! is Pratt Institute famous as animation concept art or visual development? I searched art university about animation in google, but I had never saw Pratt…!

Unfortunately you are extremely unlikely to get a scholarship that will cover all your tuition and fees. You are a transfer student, and colleges are not going to give you a scholarship as an international transfer. Even if you did manage to get one, it is not going to cover $65,000 of the fees.