The University of Pennsylvania admission..

Hey yall, I’m freaking out a bit. I recently got my AP Human Geography exam score and it was a 2. Now I’m an incoming sophomore and I DREAM to go to a UPenn. I want to go into the financial industry and they have a wonderful program there. Since I got a 2, will I ever have a chance to get in again? And at that, what ELSE should I do to make my chances of getting in greater? Thanks a bunch! Oh P.S., I couldn’t cancel my scores, you had to do it before you got the score in June apparently…and I sent it to UPenn…

It’s one exam on one day – colleges know that. You have another 2.5 years to show that you’re Penn material (assuming you’ve done fine in 9th grade otherwise).

But the best advice I can give you: don’t fetishize any single school – esp. one that has such a small admit rate as Penn. There are friggen 7th graders who stalk this site looking for how to get into Harvard. eye roll!

Use the search feature for this forum, there have been numerous threads highlighting the fact that AP test scores are not a required part of the application process.