The University Studies Degree?

<p>Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any advice.</p>

<p>I've recently been denied from Mays Business school for this fall, but my stats aren't terrible by far, I have a 3.8ish. I'm not really that devistated because my original plan was to get a B.S. in Econ and get a MBA in a few years. The only reason I even thought about Mays for an undergrad is because of the initial job prospects. Only that isn't a option anymore, so I can do two things at this point. In your own opinion what is better? A B.S. in Econ with a minor in Business and receive a certificate for Business Economics or a B.S. in Undergraduate Studies which I would have a Business Concentration(18 hours of coursework) and two areas of study in Econ and Human Resources(12-15 hours of coursework in each).</p>

<p>Plus, I would like to get into Real Estate, work as a manager in a bank or anytype of retail store or just start my own business after I graduate. Thanks again...</p>