The Value of Wharton for Undergrad

<p>I've heard that if you go to Wharton for undergrad you don't even need to go on and get an MBA (and you'll still make just about as much money as people with MBAs). Is this true?</p>

<p>Secondly, is this true for other schools with strong undergrad business programs? (Ie. MIT Sloan, NYU Stern, etc.)</p>

<p>I used to think the MBA thing was true, but (and others can refute my reasoning) considering that a great deal of Wharton grads go into finance, a field where the MBA requirement is not as necessary for advancement as just being awesome at your job, it's hard to say which factor causes the 35% MBA rate for Wharton grads. I think Wharton consultants, for example, tend to get an MBA in the end regardless.</p>

<p>It's worth mentioning that for finance, Wharton grads start off more advanced because of our specialized coursework that our co-workers from other schools probably didn't have. Perhaps this head start bodes well for future success, so that Wharton grads don't need to go back for their MBAs...</p>

<p>Anecdotally, my work told me this summer that they hired me instead of a local MBA student because they felt my Wharton undergraduate education was better.</p>