The Vanderbilt Experience

<p>Great article and video in this blog post from The Tennessean. One of my kids was lucky enough to have been there, although that child did have to stand in line for 2 hours to get tickets. I'm so jealous.</p>

<p>Billy</a> Joel, Vanderbilt student perform together in Nashville – Updated | Tune In Music City | The Tennessean</p>

<p>My D was there, too. She said it was amazing.</p>

<p>The quality of speakers and performers that come to campus as part of the VU experience still amazes me after all these years. To get someone like Billy Joel on Wednesday followed by Nicholas Kristof the next night is just extraordinary. Impact Symposium is next month and the speakers are bound to be outstanding, as always.</p>

<p>Wow…this made my day! Thanks for sharing! Memories of seeing him perform this in 1977 in the Electric Ballroom in Atlanta…great moment for this young man! I LOVE Nashville! Always great performers to say nothing of the wonderful speakers that come to campus all the time.</p>

<p>I’m a HUGE Billy Joel fan… Being a piano player myself! My daughter, who is a sophomore there, surprised me with tickets for my birthday. Best. Present. Ever. He was funny, candid, and so talented. He played everything from Beethoven to Beatles, Night on Bald mountain, to bob marley…he is an UNBELIEVABLE musician. Just goes to show talent never grows old. highlight of the night was when the kid came up and played New York State of mind…play the video on my cell phone about once a day. my highlight was getting to ask a question from the crowd about my favorite song, that I sang to all my girls at bedtime…Lullaby.</p>

<p>super birthday gift, indeed, moonpie! Thanks for sharing…vicarious pleasure for your readers!</p>

<p>You’re welcome, Faline! Another reason I’m glad to be so close…I can’t believe the talent at that school. Went to a VOB (Vanderbilt off Broadway) last month, and it was incredible. The music opportunities for non-majors are unbelievable.</p>

<p>Here’s a link to a much better quality video of the performance, courtesy of Billy Joel’s website and posted by VU on Facebook. Moonpie, I’m still jealous of you and my D for getting to experience this!</p>

<p>[New</a> Billy Joel Q&A ? Can I Accompany You On ‘New York State Of Mind?’ | The Official Billy Joel Site](<a href=“]New”></p>

<p>thanks 2VU0609. this much better video link just hit my FB page and my friends will love it.</p>

<p>Can I just say this story still brings a smile to my face? Obviously, the Vanderbilt alumni magazine feels the same way:)</p>

<p>[River</a> of Dreams | Vanderbilt Magazine | Vanderbilt University](<a href=“]River”></p>

<p>I think I watched it ten times. so fun. Saw Billy Joel in a small club in Atlanta in 1977 and he used to indeed be a knock-out performer. Electric Ballroom.</p>