The Waitlist

<p>Does anybody know the chances of getting off the waitlist? Does anybody know how the admissions office informs you that you've gotten off the waitlist? (status check, email, phone call?) I'm currently enrolled in the freshman connection program but it wouldn't' mind getting off the waitlist either</p>

<p>I feel ya. I enrolled to freshmen connection too and I have not signed up for off campus housing yet because i didn't want to sign my lease and then suddenly get off the waitlist and recieve fall admission. My guess is that they will email us on June 1st since its a holiday weekend.</p>

<p>fml i still have heard nothing and today is June 1st. I thought they would at least say that im still a spring admit or something.</p>

<p>Alright so if anyone whose on the waitlist is reading this thread then I've got important info for you...</p>

<p>I called UMD today about my waitlist status. They said NO ONE got off the wailist. </p>

<p>My question is...then what is the point of having a waitlist????</p>

<p>we were the back up people in case not enough people enrolled</p>