The "Whatever Happened to..." Topic

<p>James Blunt? He did You're Beautiful, then died (pretty much).</p>

<p>Bolo? That guy was the best villain. Enter the Dragon and Blood Sport. He has to be like 70. Is he still alive?</p>

<p>McRibs? I'm a vegan, but still. I've always wondered what animal it was REALLY made out of.</p>

<p>James Blunt, I know! He came out with an album last year though...</p>

<p>Whatever happened to the thread where you were supposed to tell us the ACRONYM for your username!!</p>

<p>I posted more hints.</p>

<p>For cafe'ers who would like to give this a shot (we know we're smarter...)</p>

<p>tomwkomd is an acronym for...?</p>

<p>HINT #1: I feel lame (and "old") because of it.
Hint #2: It's a command.
HINT #3: both "om" are the same words.
HINT #4: I don't think it makes sense and it's really stupid when not put into context.
HINT #5: 2003ish? That's when I was in 8th grade. Not old, but it feels so long ago.
HINT #6: Color, number.
HINT #7:You'll be disappointed.
HINT #8: I hate Family Guy now. A gift to Meg in one of the more recent episodes. </p>

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