the Where? factor

<p>People here have mentioned how when they tell people they're going to Olin, people seem confused and say, "Where? Oh, that's nice."</p>

<p>Well, today I spoke with someone who had not only HEARD of Olin, but had a great opinion of it! He was wearing a Robotics Team T-Shirt with the FIRST logo, so I chatted w/ him about FIRST, mentioning that my daughter is a mech eng. student in college. He asked where, and I said, ah, Olin, it's a new school. He lit up and was excited to talk about it! There WILL be more of these encounters over time! :)</p>

<p>We had the same experience when my son was wearing his Olin t-shirt. Someone stopped us and said, "Wow, you go to Olin! My friend really wanted to get in there but didn't make it, although he got into MIT." It was great to have someone know Olin.</p>

<p>I had the same thing happen in a movie theather. Some guy came up to me and said "Oh, do you go to Olin? I really wanted to go but didnt get in. Its an amazing school. "</p>

<p>We're making a name. I still have the Olin speal ready at all times.</p>