<p>AAHHH!! I'm sure many of you are frustrated like me because your stats are as good as - if not better! - than people who have been accepted already. We're the ones who are stuck on prelim review, or have that lousy "We've received the fall grades we requested" status.</p>

<p>PEOPLE ON "CURRENTLY REVIEWING" NEED NOT COMPLAIN! That status is a good sign and basically means that you are in, from what I can tell.</p>

<p>So here's to all of us sitting on scores and GPAs above the middle 50% who just cannot fathom how people with scores below 2000 are getting in before us.</p>

<p>I agree with rodney's comment from the "low SAT thread"............
It seems that not all of the USC schools have sent many acceptances (although the accepted posters do not always indicated their schools).But we haven't seen too much from Cinema, Annenberg, Marshall yet.
And what about the possibility of rejection from the first major/school and being reviewed by the second choice major/school. Isn't that a possible scenario?</p>

<p>Maybe they are considering you for scholarships?</p>

<p>Mine changed to "Currently in review" on 2/28</p>

<p>Does getting past preliminary review mean anything? Or is just a checkup to see if you have all your information (test scores, mid year, etc) sent in?</p>

<p>GOD I KNOW!! i have higher SAT scores than most of the acceptances I've looked at so far (I know I sound petty and cocky but it's the truth!) but they misfiled them and didn't actually get to review them until like a month ago. Well I applied to Annenberg so maybe that's why... but I have heard of an Annenberg admit. And also I'm not a National Merit Finalist (I studied abroad during the last chance to become one) so that's probably not good.</p>

<p>I sent in my student non-filing form and they lost it. Here's the e-mail I got:</p>

According to our records we have not yet received your non-filing statement. We have unfortunately been experiencing some technical difficulties as we implement a new document imaging system in our office. As a result, some students are not receiving the auto-confirmation e-mail reply even though their fax went through, and it is taking us longer to process some documents than we expected. Please resend your non-filing statement to the financial aid office. </p>

<p>We sincerely apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience and understanding as we implement our new imaging system for the future.


<p>I mailed my parent's tax forms at the same time too, just in two envelopes. They had the same address on them and everything, but I guess it didn't matter. -_-</p>

<p>sorry to say this...
but you can't judge an applicant just on high GPAs and SATs alone.
I mean you know that USC has such limited spaces for acceptances this year, and I'm sure that they wouldn't give those limited spaces to just ANYBODY without thinking twice now would they?</p>

<p>Truth is, pretend you're a USC adcom for a minute. You have to look through 38,000 worth of applications/essays/SAT scores/GPAs, and after a while, those numbers will just all look the same...i mean it's already happening to me..just browse through the STATS threads in the different college forums and you'll notice that the scores are starting to be quite similar. </p>

<p>The only thing that got the people in with lower SAT scores was a hook I guess, and you can't blame them for that. </p>

<p>Plus, everything doesn't revolve around SATs because there are many people that are smart...just not good test takers...and USC is a school that prides itself on diversity....a whole lot more than any other university in the states. I'm sure a 1900 3.0 UW GPA that was a master piano player would get accepted a lot more easier than a normal 2200 4.0 GPA...just because there are so many people with the same scores as you out there!</p>

<p>So instead of complaining about why other people who are not 'as high' as you got in, start congratulating that they were ABLE to make it past the thousands of students that had higher SATs....
Afterall, if you got accepted...and a thread shows up saying how unfair it is that you got accepted and they didn't, I'd think you'd get hurt too.</p>

<p>What's meant to be is meant to be...and if you think you have such high should be applying to ivy leagues instead of USC...USC rejects a lot of applicants with great scores because they are worried that those great scorers might end up going to an ivy league...meaning that they are not yielding and are taking the places of people who would've gone AND PAID full tuition to USC.....think about it. High scores isn't everything.</p>

<p>godd i REALLY hope being "in review" is a good sign! i live in socal and i havent gotten anything yet...</p>

<p>lynn4eva, I have a couple of things to say to your post:</p>

<li>I know full-well that there is more to a person than GPA and SAT scores. But USC is an infamous GPA/SAT whore and reallllly likes to get those top-scorers so that they can continue to climb up the rankings.</li>
<li>Not to toot my proverbial horn, but I have very strong and unique ECs that were well-represented in my essays...I am more than grades and scores.</li>
<li>Looking at the stats threads, I am not complaining about the people with 1950ish who have an incredible hook. It's the ones who say "lol i have noo idea how i got in, everything on my app was so boring!" that irritate me.</li>
<li>I don't think I have amazing scores and grades, just ones that are well-above the middle-50% at USC. I didn't apply to a single Ivy because that's not the kind of school that I want. By filing the FAFSA, USC is able to see every school I applied to, so they cannot possibly be worried about losing me to a HPYS-type school.</li>

<p>And now I am done.</p>

<p>Wow, sense of entitlement much? And if you think SC is a GPA/SAT whore, then you need to take a look at the UC system.</p>

<p>lynn4eva, you hit the nail on the head.</p>

<p>Guys chill, his post does sound a little pretentious but I think he felt like he was being attacked, there definitely were undertones of "well you didn't get accepted yet, so you can't be that great of an applicant" in lynn's post. Not intentional, but I could see him getting that vibe.</p>

<p>Relax, it's a tense time, wish each other luck and hope for the best.</p>

<p>I have not been following my USC app as much as some of you here. But that is because all the UCs have been coming out and I have had no time to do so. But what do you guys think this means?:</p>

<p>Your application is being reviewed by the admission committee. We will mail notification of their decision by April 1. If for some reason you don't receive our written notice, we will be happy to provide the results over the phone beginning April 11th.
Status last updated: 3/10/2008 1:47:17 PM </p>

<p>Im pretti sure it was like that b4 3/10 (not entirely)</p>


<p>well sorry if i sounded harsh....</p>

<p>but just telling you that...maybe those people were just modest and weren't so comfortable saying 'yea i had great recs and a great essay, that's why i got in..'</p>

<p>....You have points i have to admit...but at the same're really trying to propagate yourself...which i hope you didn't do in your essays because...adcoms are not really into the whole 'i'm so good..i am unique...i deserve it' attitude.</p>

<p>But like i said...USC chose those applicants so even if they're are saying on an internet forum that they don't know why they got in..doesn't necessarily mean that USC made a bad choice in choosing them over you. </p>

<p>They also might be infamous for high GPAs and SATs...but if i remember correctly...USC is also infamous for making the most random admission decisions ever....even ivy leagues can be more predictable than USC...</p>

<p>There are still 3800 applicants instead of questioning why you haven't been accepted YET...start anticipating (since you feel you are right for USC) that you will get accepted...the biggest wave is yet to come</p>

<p>There are still 3800 applicants left...</p>

<p>Where did you get this number?</p>

<p>adcom told one of the users here on CC...apparently they still have to accept another 50%....and it will all come on the 28th wave...which is the biggest wave of them all</p>

<p>Compassion!!!! It is really difficult to understand why the adcoms make the decisions they do. There are alot of students that are very dejected right now trying to make sense of why they have not heard from, or why they are rejected from schools that their stats are in the upper percentile of those normally chosen. Their venting does not sound arrogant or pretentious, and they are already frustrated so why add to it by being critical of their comments. It is a tough year for college admissions.</p>

<p>you guys know WHY ppl got accepted mar 14 or feb 29? was it because they applied earlier? top of the batch? random?</p>

<p>man... All i know is, if I'm going there for sure if i get accepted.</p>

<p>haha yea if i get in i am FOR SURE going
i just hope i get in
it is so hard to wait</p>