The worst class I've ever taken is ______.

<p>For me, it'd have to be photography. I used to love snapping pictures until I took the class. The entire semester, all we did was packets on how cameras function and the history of photographers. We had weekly quizzes on things like exposure and shutters, but I was never shown how to use them. Sure, the teacher brought out his camera from time to time, but he never showed us how it worked once! Nor did he ever give up tips on taking pictures. "I don't want to see any cameras out in my class." What kind of crap is that? All pictures had to be taken outside of class too and he was very picky about what he wanted. Worst of all, he made us edit our pics on Photoshop for the last 3 days for finals and half of the class had never used Photoshop before. I haven't taken photos for fun since then. :(</p>

<p>Rant, complain, etc.</p>

<p>4th grade music. Only. B. Ever.</p>

<p>Woods. 10char</p>



<p>Chemistry because I have the worst teacher ever -_-</p>

<p>Small engine tech. I was the only girl..</p>

<p>Business and Consumer Law.
So easy because almost everyone was stupid. Heck there were so many dumb kids that the teacher made the final exam open notebook.</p>

<p>PE, my teacher is either a rapist or a jerk no matter what.</p>

<p>Hardest class ever was Chinese, had a teacher that gave us quizzes all the time, she was very double-faced sometimes. Nobody cared if they failed or passed the class, ironically, it was Chinese 3. I am hispanic and I really don't know how I survived...thanks a lot new teacher for being a bad teacher...I never really got to understand or grasp half of the Chinese she taught, she went way too fast, we had unit tests every 4 days.</p>

<p>Art. Ruined my GPA.</p>

<p>Hmm....Driver's Ed? I got a D on a only D ever. Ending up getting a 99% in the class though :) thanks to my amazing car poster project (I made side view mirrors out of tin foil haha). Oh and I'm hitting the road this August so y'all other drivers better watch out!</p>

<p>Haha @YellowDaisies interesting niceee job, you actually managed to get a 99 give you plenty of props for pulling it off.</p>

<p>7th gr. math- stupid teacher who didnt dress her age nd couldn't teach
8th gr. history- i had to keep correcting the teacher w/ anger management issues. he was usually wrong on obvious things.</p>

<p>My AP English class this past year. My teacher was the nicest person ever, but she just could not teach. At all. I didn't learn a thing the whole year. That class was a waste of my time. I didn't even bother with the AP test.</p>

<p>8th grade math class.</p>

<p>And I kid you not, the teacher did not believe negative fractions existed.</p>

Woods. 10char


Ditto. 10char</p>

<p>^^What the hell? </p>

<p>How is that even possible?</p>

<p>8th grade English.</p>

<p>It was composition / novel writing... and we were graded based on how long our stories were, not on the content. -__-</p>


<p>Perhaps you will understand when I tell you that this was a Canadian school.</p>


<p>Now that makes sense.</p>