:( the worst day ever

<p>I was scoring 2200s for the past 2 month for about 8 QAS practice tests but i got a really low score and i cant believe it. Im taking one in march but i heard if i improve by a lot of points then my SAT score will be cancelled? i dont noe what to doo. please help esp. people whove had a similar experience</p>

<p>It's ok dude. I was expecting at least a 2200 on this SAT but failed miserably. I am gonna start looking into ACT's now lol. </p>

<p>Your score won't be cancelled. They will simply do an investigation if your new score is MUCH higher than your old score (at least 350 points or so), and you will be fine if they don't find out anything.</p>

<p>will my score get cancelled if i got 320 points up?</p>

<p>As I said, your score won't be cancelled unless they find something in their investigation (like cheating). They don't have the right to cancel your score without a proper reason lol.</p>